mardi 21 avril 2015

CSS 80% opacity on strong tag within paragraph but if no strong tag 100%

So an agency has passed down some code and i coded site with using their method in CSS with changing the opacity to 80% for

tags however client has picked this up and so much has been build.

I have added in p { opacity(0.8) } and changes paragraph tags to the same colour however i have some titles like


which are also now fading so my question is (without a load of work to change) is it possible in css that i make

that contain a strong tag use 100% ?

rough example below:


<p><strong>test title</strong></p>
<p>test test here</p>


p { opacity(0.8) }

however i need to ensure that p > strong remains with no opacity change so 100% in this case

Thanks in advance, i know a sloppy fix if any but its go live in the morning and no time to re-do this all or set owe classes for colour change on everything as too much content and to many pages

for example:

Thanks again

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