lundi 20 avril 2015

Issues with pure CSS3 Multi Level Menu and Jquery Slider

I am new to this site and hoping that someone can assist me with an annoying problem that I am having.

The Page in question is located at

This is an HTML5 and CSS3 page that is also using a simple JQuery Image Slider.

As you can see the CSS3 Menu appears in two places to illustrate the problem. 1) Above the JQuery Slider 2) Below the JQuery Slider

If you click on the "About" Menu Below the JQuery Slider, the menu expands without any problems and overlays the bottom part of the page.

Now, If you click on the "About" Menu above the JQuery Slider, the menu DOES NOT fully expand.

I would prefer to see the CSS3 Menu above the JQuery Slider but, I have not been able to figure out how to fix this. Until then, I will live the CSS3 Menu below.

Would greatly appreciate any ideas, suggestions, or solutions that others can provide.


Raul Gonzalez

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