lundi 20 avril 2015

Unable to get skrollr parallax effect on header image


So, I'm trying to implement parallax with skrollr.js. This is my first attempt and I am pulling my hair out. I've been all over the web from searching Google, YouTube and StackOverflow. I'm trying to implement a parallax effect on a header image somewhat similar to this example except the image doesn't need to be the full height of the viewport and I only need one image to have a parallax effect. I'm going for something very similar to this on Squarespace's page.

I've been trying to simply use the code from the examples provided in the Skrollr.js repo. But after hours of failure, I turn to the trusty SO community!

Here is the page I have currently been testing the parallax header image on.

The classes .scollable-between and .scrollable-after are being altered on scroll but nothing is happening. Also, I am trying to implement this for mobile but I can't even scroll the page on mobile.

Any help is certainly appreciated! Thank you so much!

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